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What is Kaisev?

Kaisev is the name and brand attributed to a set of various services and projects, owned and operated by Jonathan Daigle and company. Currently in progress is a series of learning materials, geared towards educating the uneducated about learning to use modern computers, early thoughts are available below on our article, How to Protect Yourself Online.

I am a former technical analyst with more than 5 years of IT experience. In my time I have seen the absolutely abysmal state of the general public's knowledge on Information Technology. I believe these issues are systematic, not inherent, indicative of the failures of rote learning that is so prevalent. I intend to use meaningful learning strategies to help undo the many years of damage, and teach people IT competence.

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Below are some articles we suggest reading regarding security and technology

Kaisev Users

If you live in my house, or have otherwise been given access to Kaisev services, this section is for you!